Frequently Asked Questions

What service does DollarBettingLeads.com provide?

We are in the lead generation business. If you need leads of active sports bettors, we are your trusted source. We harvest premium leads of sports bettors daily and can help you take your sportsbook or sports handicapping service to the next level. In addition to harvesting leads of NFL, NCAAF, NBA, NCAAB, MLB, and NHL bettors, we also harvest leads of soccer, boxing, and MMA bettors as well. Give our premium leads a try and we promise you will not be disappointed!

How much does each premium lead cost?

If you want to order opt-in leads, we charge $0.10 per lead. If you want to order sales leads, we charge $1.00 per lead. You decide exactly how many you would like to purchase with each order. Minimum order is 1,000 opt-in leads or 100 sales leads. Maximum order is 20,000 opt-in leads or 2,000 sales leads. We often run various promo offers discounting our standard pricing, make sure you check out our home page to see if we are running any promo's at the moment.

What's the difference between opt-in leads and sales leads?

The main difference is the quality of the lead. Opt-in leads are generated without any required financial transaction, such as a sports bettor opting in their contact information for free information or trials. Sales leads are generated from actual purchases made by the sports bettor. With opt-in leads, you know you are getting leads of sports bettors. With sales leads, you know you are getting leads of sports bettors who spend money.

Can I get leads for a specific country, city or sport?

Yes you can. When placing an order, you can specify a geographical and sport option for your order. The default geographical option provides you with all North American leads with 90%+ from USA. You can change this option if you need leads from a specific country or state within the USA only. The default sport option provides you with all sports leads with 90%+ from major USA sports. You can change this option if you need leads for a specific sports only. Please note changing either of these two options from their default setting can result in longer order processing times. We recommend leaving both options on their default setting to ensure quick order processing times and optimal lead results.

How many new leads do you guys generate each day?

On average, we harvest 250+ new premium leads of sports bettors each and every day from hundreds of lead harvesting sources we have on the web. We have been in the sports betting lead generation business since 2007 and we know what we are doing in terms of generating quality leads of active sports bettors. Our entire database consists of over 3.75+ million leads of sports bettors and growing daily.

Does it cost me anything to sign up for an account?

Absolutely not. You can sign up for an account for free if you want to take a look around our system to get an idea of how it works. An account is necessary if you do decide on placing an order. You only need to provide your name and a valid email address to sign up for an account.

Do you guys offer a trial or give out free lead samples?

Unfortunately, we do not offer any trials or give out free lead samples. However, with our minimum order amounts set so low, you can place a small order if you want to get a sense of the quality of our premium leads before placing a bigger order.

How do I get my leads once I place an order?

Once you place an order, your leads will be loaded in your account usually within an hour (during normal business hours). Once your order has been processed, you can access your leads in your account as well as export them to CSV Excel or text file formats so you can easily upload them to your marketing platforms. You can also set status and keep notes for each of your leads in your account.

Would I ever get the same lead more than once if I place multiple orders?

No duplicates ever! You would never get the same lead twice no matter how many orders you place. We have plenty of new premium leads to go around and we pride ourselves in only providing the freshest data with each and every order.

There were a few invalid phone numbers or email addresses in my order, can you guys replace them?

Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. People change, close, or lose their phone numbers or email addresses all the time or even intentionally provide false information. Even though we take great measures to ensure valid data, people's contact info is always changing, that is just a part of life. So if you send us reports showing invalid information, we are happy to replace the leads for you.

I didn't have much success with my last order, can you guys replace my leads?

Again, customer satisfaction is our highest priority. In certain cases, we can replace leads for an order for you if you can demonstrate to us that the leads did not meet your expectations or other unforeseen circumstances.

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